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Our facility features:

  • Optical Designers (Zemax Optical design stations)
  • Mechanical Designers (Autocad, Inventor, Solidworks and Solid-Edge stations)
  • Shaping (Generating room)
  • Polishing and Diamond Turning
  • Thin Film Laboratory
  • Assembly
  • Test Laboratory
  • Quality Control

IRZoom deliver the optimal balance between Catalog products and Customized solutions

  • While our R&D department is dedicated to understanding your needs and developing a winning product that best fit your requirements, you can rely on thousands of catalog units that serve daily in various fields, for almost 30 years.
  • Our catalog lenses are the top of the line available today, and fit most detectors in the market. Each lens was developed after extensive market research – but we understand that your requirement may be unique. The IRZoom R&D team is capable of using a base lens from our catalog, and altering it to fit exactly your most demanding project.

  • Such balance is not only professional – but also extremely cost effective, and it cuts lead times. That’s the advantage of working with a company who offers both solutions.

Professional Staff

Our professional staff offers support before, during and after the sale. We can assist you with our extensive lens library of pre-engineered solutions in order to reduce time to market for virtually any situation.
IRZoom’s salesmen are all trained in engineering so can quickly and professionally respond to your needs. At IRZoom, you’ll find the best selection of IR zoom lenses anywhere coupled with flexibility and continuing service.


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